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NEW! TuffNStuff EP

NEW! TuffNStuff EP “Trans of Venus”

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1) Sissy Man Blues*

Originally recorded by Kokomo Arnold in 1934, Sissy Man Blues is forever a part of queer music history. It was the last song I recorded on June 18, 2012 (as I had to re-tune my guitar to vestapol).

2) Precious Time

Gotta make it sweet. Precious Time transforms the Blues from a place of heart break and oppression into a fresh reminder to live life without regrets.

3) Once and Future Blues

A tribute to the Blues as cultural survival. Queer Blues is its own thang. We all get the Blues, and we will make it through. Always have, and always will.

4) Prove It On Me Blues**

The original tale of Queer defiance. Ma Rainey wrote and recorded this song in 1928, following her arrest for hosting a night of all-female debauchery. One of my favorite Blues songs ever.

5) Howl

This was a song commissioned for QPOCalypse at the National Queer Arts Festival. Howl is seeing past the apocalyptic to envision a beautiful new world. Some say we’re crazy for being all we gets to be. Howl is a celebration of freedom and new possibilities.

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered in San Francisco on June 18, 2012 at 7 Layers Deep
Engineered by KB Boyce and Sean Mason:
All instruments/percussion played by KB Boyce
All songs written by Kali Boyce except * by Kokomo Arnold and ** by Ma Rainey
© 2012 Queer Rebel Music/KB Boyce

Cover art by Brianne Moore, adapted from a still by Celeste Chan

Thank you

Queer Rebel Productions, my family, Sean Mason (the magician), the amazing and lovely Ms Celeste Chan, Mangos with Chili, QCC and the National Queer Arts Festival, the Little Spot cafe, the universe, T-Roi (r.i.p.), Brianne Moore (beautiful cover art!), Katie Gilmartin, and all of the beautiful queers and allies in my life.

Dedicated to my niece April, all my friends, and the ancestors.