Queer Rebels


Queer Rebels (est 2008) showcases Queer of Color artists, connects generations, and honors our Queer legacies with visionary art for the future. www.queerrebels.com



Founded in the midst of both a dwindling African American population and economic recession in San Francisco, Queer Rebel Productions asserts the presence and critical contributions of LGBTQ African Americans and Queer People of Color. The production company emerged out of Kali Boyce’s solo performances as TuffNStuff, Drag King of the Blues. TuffNStuff evokes the spirit of cross-dressing Blues performers, alongside the history of the Blues as an art form that emerged from slave spirituals sung in the fields. Co-directors KB Boyce and Celeste Chan see the past and experience of our queer ancestors as absolutely vital to informing our future.


  • TuffNStuff: Drag King/Blues Man dazzles the crowd…performing both original tunes and blues classics while burning up the guitar with slide and finger picking. – Gay.com
  • You are amazing!! See this: “Most of you’ve probably heard one of the best punk/powerpop 7inches ever released. Drive My Car (Nasty Facts). Words can’t describe how great this little bit of plastic is” AND “Nastyfacts made quite an impact on the early NY punk/new wave scene, especially considering that they only released one 3-song 45, and were just teenagers at the time.” – GG
  • Loved you and your glitter angel tonight – what a powerful show. Can’t wait to see you perform again; you’re an awesome performer…gorgeous guitar playing. Thanks for introducing me to an entirely new world of queer artistic expression. – Alisa
  • Kali~ You and Celeste collaborated to make an evening that will be with me forever…it was uplifting, profound, sexy, and full of meaning that I will be unwinding and opening for years to come. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it all. You are an inspiration. Much love, xoxo. – J
  • Had an amazing time last night at Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance! This new venue at AAACC at Fulton and Webster has never rocked so hard! I am so proud of the work of Celeste Chan and KB! – Pam Peniston
  • Loved Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance! WOW I was so inspired by you, K.B. TuffNStuff, Celestial Chan, Teresa Simone, Crystal Mason! Thanks for sharing your amazing art and bringing community together in a powerful way. – Sean Dorsey
  • Whole self is still ringing and electric after Celestial Chan’s and K.B. Tuffnstuff’s incredible show on Friday — Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance was phenomenal. Big love and gratitude to all the performers. – JC
  • Amazing time at Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance last night, thank you K.B. Tuffnstuff, Celestial Chan for making it happen, and all the fierce and fabulous performers for blowing us all away with their craft and passion. – AO